Frequently asked questions:

A virtual tour makes sense if you want to present your local business to the public. If your assortment changes from time to time, it is not necessary to recreate an entire model from scratch. Individual scan points can be updated separately, which significantly reduces the cost of updating the model if necessary. E-space offers model support plans that can be agreed separately depending on the client's needs.

For a high quality virtual tour, the weather must be good. If rain or wind interferes with shooting, or if it were too hot, causing moisture to fog up a camera lens, we would not be able to shoot that day. However, if weather conditions are not favourable on a shoot day, we will contact you the morning before to reschedule.

No. Your server will not be burdened by the tour. E-Raum offers inexpensive hosting packages for this purpose.

The camera is mounted on a tripod. The camera is rotated 60° after each shot, creating 6 horizontal images covering a 360° area. An extension upwards and downwards can also be made to create a full spherical virtual tour of 360 ° x 360 °.
These images are then stitched together to create one large panoramic image. The viewing window only covers part of the image and the larger panoramic image can be dragged by mouse to create the illusion of movement. The bottom line is that the user is always looking at a small section of a large panoramic image. 

Your venue should look exactly how you want your audience to see it! You should make sure that your venue is tidy and that there are only a few people present to ensure that the shots are taken as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a virtual tour of your home or a property you are selling, you may want to tidy it up and depersonalise it.

If you wish, the tour can also be transferred to Google. Your tour will then appear on Google My Business, Google Street View and Google Maps.

You will receive a link and an iFrame from E-Raum. Technically, it's the same process as embedding a YouTube video.

For technical reasons, retouching is unfortunately not possible. Due to the high-quality recording in HDR (3 pictures are always taken with different exposures), post-processing is also not necessary...